“My-graine” Action Plan

Can you believe it’s already July 2nd. We’re two days post Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. How do you feel after spending an entire month meditating on hope? I feel rejuvenated and inspired.

Throughout June’s blog challenge, I gave much consideration to the next steps in my life with Chronic Migraine. As I blogged about hope, I thought about my migraine action plan. Here’s what I came up with.

  1. Start and maintain a migraine trigger free diet.
  2. Eat on time.
  3. Start my migraine diary.
  4. Do more research on migraines and current treatment plans, inclusive of medication, supplements etc.
  5. Exercise
  6. Spend at least 15 minutes per day outside in the sun.
  7. Start seeing a neurologist (I haven’t seen one in a while see my post Conveyor Belt Migraineur), preferably a headache specialist.
  8. Stick with the plan.

So far I’ve started numbers 1-3. Yay!  Over the next 8 days (starting with today), I’ll write about each point on my list; I’ll discuss why the step is necessary and how I’m addressing it.

After reading my 8 point plan to better health and hopefully less migraines, please let me know if you think I need to add to this list. Leave your advice in the comments below. Thanks in advance.

– Skylar

2 thoughts on ““My-graine” Action Plan

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