#PAM15 Day 18: What do you like about yourself?

I love this post! When you’re chronically ill it’s very hard to think about things you like about yourself, at least for me anyway. I’m gonna see if I can make a list. It’s soooo much better to be positive. Why don’t you make one too? Thanks Chronic Pain Supergirl!!!

– Skylar

Chronic Pain Supergirl

Day 18: Write a list of things you like about yourself! It’s okay to have a little fun with this activity and be honest with yourself. This can include accomplishments you are proud of achieving, despite your pain.

  1. I am a Christian. I do not know how I would be without His help. I like that I grew up a Double Preacher’s Kid and the religious background that I was able to get because of how I grew up. I also like that I got to meet and minister to a lot of different kinds of people growing up (the longest I lived somewhere was 5 years). Knowing the Lord gives me strength and someone to lean on when it gets awful and I know He will never leave me alone to bare this on my lonesome.
  2. I beat the odds and earned my Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in sociology. Very…

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