Don’t Isolate Yourself


I’m biracial – black and white so I’m grey lol. I mention that to say that in addition to following migraine blogs, tweets, Facebook pages etc. I also follow the aforementioned as it relates to curly/kinky hair. While scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, I came across a post by Camille Rose Naturals. It’s a pic of two curly girls and the caption, “The curl bond is something special,” and I thought, “The migraine bond is something special.”

We are beings that need association. We need to feel loved and needed so we need to give love. When you suffer from a chronic illness, depression and anxiety become unwanted companions that make you desire isolation. When you suffer from migraine, even when you don’t want to isolate yourself there are times when you have to; but constant isolation is dangerous. See the article: “Loneliness And Isolation Are As Bad For You As Obesity, New Study Says” –  |  By . That article indicates that interacting via tweets and texts is not enough. We need human interaction. I can personally say that this is true. When I spend a week in bed with twitter,, Netflix etc. my husband comes home to a depressed zombie. When someone visits me or we chat on Skype (using the camera), I’m a totally different person. Have you had results similar to mine?

Please note, this post is in no way saying that social interactions can cure depression and anxiety. That would be absurd! If that were the case, we could throw out the Cymbalta, Abilify, Xanax etc. For those who don’t suffer from clinical/major depression or an anxiety disorder, social interaction may lessen their depressive/anxious episodes. For those who do, human interaction may help them to cope better.

Are you gonna test this theory out? Will you fight against the desire to be alone? Why not try it out? Just take one day at a time.

– Skylar

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Isolate Yourself

  1. It´s so true what you say: there´s nothing like seeing people LIVE. The exchange of energy during an encounter with people who are on the same wavelength, so to speak, is more healing than any kind of medication. I´ve noticed sliding off into depression much more easily when I have migraines, and I´m sure it´s not just because of the physical suffering but also because of the lack of social contact.
    PS: Grey? Here we refer to different skin colours as types of chocolate. I´m a white chocolate woman, my husband milk chocolate and our daughter cappucino 🙂

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