Participate in the UK’s Migraine Awareness Week

Provided by Migraine Action

Provided by Migraine Action

The UK will be hosting Migraine Awareness Week (MAW), from September 6-12, 2015. Let’s support them whether we’re in the UK or not. Migraine Action and The Migraine Trust have outlined ways that we can participate: Click here for Migraine Action and here for the Migraine Trust.

Also follow Migraine Action on twitter: @MigraineAction, and on Facebook, as they will be focusing on the impact of migraine on our lives leading up to MAW, by asking us to use “4 words to describe migraine (whether the pain, the impact, the lack of understanding around it etc.).” Then during MAW they will be asking us to share positive words of encouragement. Both should be tweeted with the hashtag #NotJustAHeadache and you should tag Migraine Action in the tweet.

Join in to raise awareness and fight the stigma. You can get started as soon as today by responding to the question: “What four words would you use to describe your migraine?” I’ve already tweeted mine: Painful, Debilitating, Isolating, Relentless.

– Skylar



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