There Is No Cure For Migraine At This Time – Beware of False Claims

How many of you migraineurs out there are in search of better control over your migraines or better yet a cure? I’m sure all of your hands are raised. Some of you may even have two hands and your feet in the air. Because we are so desperate to help ourselves, we read blogs, books, watch youtube videos, try natural supplements, herbs and see an array of doctors, often to no avail; especially for chronic migraineurs.

At this time however, there is NO CURE FOR MIGRAINE. For Pete’s sake there isn’t even a cure for the common cold virus! Therefore, beware of spending money for a “cure” whether it’s on a website, in the form of a book, or someone selling you the latest “snake oil” potion. They are looking to take advantage of our vulnerability. When they see us they hear, “Cha Ching!”

Today there are many good books and sites that help to educate us and even offer good tips on coping with our migraines and in some cases regaining control of them. There are also many preventive treatment plans, created by good doctors, that are again helping many migraineurs to cope and in some cases to control their disease. With a good physician, education and trial and error I’m sure you and I will find a plan that suits our unique migraine situation.

– Skylar

P.S. See Teri Robert’s article, Useless Tweets and eBooks. Also Celeste Cooper, RN, provides 8 ways to identify a scammer.




8 thoughts on “There Is No Cure For Migraine At This Time – Beware of False Claims

  1. Thank you! I am actually working on an article on all the “Heal Your Headache” diets, and how they are total bunk, and miss the point. There need to be more of us promoting evidence based practices in regards to dealing with migraine triggers, and my pet peeve is using an evidenced based approach to food based triggers.

    Diets to cure migraine were such a shocker to me since I was diagnosed in the nineties and they didn’t even exist then, and I didn’t seek out new migraine research and support until a year ago when my migraines exploded.

      • I completely understand! My Meniere’s and migraines have been driving me crazy the past few days. Got out a depressed rant and no actual content yesterday :/ Writing this with my phone, laptops and vertigo don’t get along 😉

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