WARNING For Migraineurs About July 24’s Corn and Rice Recipe

Image by: migrainepuzzlepieces.wordpress.com

Image by: migrainepuzzlepieces.wordpress.com

I posted one of my migraine trigger free recipes yesterday, Yummy Corn and Rice, without realizing that Chili Peppers and Olives are considered triggers. If you’re trying to avoid all possible triggers, please sub. where needed. Here’s the link that shed light on this for me: 27 Foods That Can Trigger Migraine.

Man we need to just eat fresh air sandwiches lol!!!



6 thoughts on “WARNING For Migraineurs About July 24’s Corn and Rice Recipe

  1. I think I’m intolerant to everything that’s not fresh. :). It sound so good! I can’t even have any tomatoes… and most sour cream has vinegar in it, so that’s out too. I do like to read the recipes in case I can do an exchange. So please keep posting!

    • I’m glad you figured that out. Does it make a difference when you stick to fresh food only?

      I sure will keep posting. I hope I eventually post something that you can try and/or tweak.

      – Skylar 🙂

      • Yes. Fresh is best. I still can’t tolerate any citrus including any tomato products – fresh or otherwise. I’ll get a migraine. All vinegar, except white, kills me even in tiny amounts. I try to adhere to the low tyramine diet.

      • Wow that’s great! I wish I could discipline myself to stick to mine long enough to see results. What do you do when you go out with friends for dinner or to a party? Do eat first or take your own food?

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