Migraine and Motion Sickness

photo credit: IMG_1458 via photopin (license)

photo credit: IMG_1458 via photopin (license)

Did you know that migraineurs are more prone to motion sickness than those who don’t suffer from migraines (Migraine and Motion Sickness – migrainetrust.org)? I also read once, don’t remember where, many migraineurs suffered from motion sickness when they were kids (PLEASE correct me if that’s wrong).

I’ve had motion sickness since I was a child. My best friend, who lived down the street from me, had this fab tree swing in her front yard. We would spend afternoons swinging to our hearts content. In addition to using the swing in the way it was designed to be used, we used to twist each other on the swing as high as our short little arms would let us, and then bolt out of the way as the other person came tumbling down. I ALWAYS ended up with a headache and nauseous afterward and I sometimes vomited. Yet we did this everyday during the summer. Kids are crazy – at least I was lol.

The older I got, the more and more motion sickness proved to be a problem on long car, boat, plane or amusement park rides, but it didn’t happen all the time (cept on amusement park rides). When I started getting migraines as a teenager, I noticed that I’d have motion sickness only when I had a migraine. Now that my migraines have become chronic, I only suffer from motion sickness when my migraine is closer to a 10 than a 1 – thank goodness otherwise I’d really go nowhere.

Are you a migraineur that suffers from motion sickness? Did you have motion sickness as a child?

– Skylar


6 thoughts on “Migraine and Motion Sickness

  1. Interesting, I never made the link… I didn´t have motion sickness as a child, but for the last ten years I can´t stand sitting in the back seat of a car anymore. And when we went whale spotting on our honeymoon, I was the only one on the boat who got (really) sick and had to vomit.

    • Same with me. I was the only one who got sick and/or vomited after twisting on the swing. Only one out of a group that got sea sick on a ferry. Only one that got sick on the plane. And was always the party pooper at the amusement parks. While I was recuperating with a ginger ale, slow walking and deep breathing my friends were on the next ride laughing and being whipped around or up and down lol.

      My husband and I went to Disney and MGM Studios for our honeymoon. He rode all the rides he wanted. I had to be very selective.

      – Skylar

      • :/ That sucks. I went to a wedding yesterday and I was the only one of my generation that went home with the first bus -the one that took all the grannies and grandpa´s home :p But I know, this time at least I got to go. I guess we have an old soul 🙂

  2. I had motion sickness as a kid. I always had to ride at the front of the school buss so I could vomit in the trash can. Happened almost every time. The last time I rode on a roller coaster I vomited my lunch all over everything. I believe motion sickness is somehow related to the inner ear. When I’m having a migraine I don’t hear well. There must be some connection.

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