Failed But Not A Failure

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

I’ve failed to stick to my migraine trigger free diet AGAIN!!! Huhhh…I’m really disappointed in myself!

How it Happened:
I went to a wedding rehearsal dinner, July 16, but didn’t organize myself well enough to prepare food to take with me, so I ate the deliciousness they served; and guess what?! I woke up the next morning with severe migraine symptoms. On the 17th, I faithfully went back on my diet. The wedding took place on the 18th and I ate the food at the wedding. Then on the 19th, after completing my 6 month challenge workout, my migraine symptoms intensified beyond tolerable again, and since my husband was very busy, we just ate Wendy’s and so on and so on.

What I Plan to Do:
Stop berating myself and get back on track. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Have you recently failed to stick to one of your goals? That’s okay. Failure is a part of life and getting back up with more determination leads to success. So let’s get back up and start again.

– Skylar


4 thoughts on “Failed But Not A Failure

  1. Does that mean that sticking to the diet reduces the frequency/intensity of your migraines?
    Do you have an idea of exactly what food at the wedding and wedding rehearsal caused your migraines?

    • No not sure. Not even sure it was the food. That’s why I’m keeping a migraine diary. I do find that the intensity of my migraines are less when I’m on the diet. And my periods of excruciating pain are also lessened.

      The point of the diet is to stick to it for two months with the hope that I will break the migraine cycle. If it breaks then do the diet for 2 more months and then gradually introduce each possible trigger one by one to identify my triggers.

      If after two months there’s still no break in the cycle, I must continue the diet and introduce preventive meds for two more months. Again if the cycle breaks I can reintroduce foods. Here’s a shortened version of the program:

      Huhhh…so tired of living my life around these migraines.

      – Skylar

  2. It´s really hard finding out what the triggers are, isn´t it… Especially because some things are triggers for one person and have the opposite effect on someone else. I always thought Rooibos tea was so healthy, apparently it even makes migraine go away for some people, but for me it´s a trigger that caused one of the severest attacks I ever had. It´s the innocent, everyday things like that that are hardest to track down, I guess.

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