Get Fit Despite Chronic Migraine 6 Month Challenge

If you’re a chronic migraineur, then you’re probably very much out of shape like I am. I spend 80% of my life propped up in bed due to my pain. It’s daunting to just THINK about working out. However, on my last doctor’s visit I was told to exercise. As a result, exercise is the 5th step of my “My-graine” Action Plan; and now I’m challenging you to join me (whether you’re a migraineur or not) – once you get the okay from your doctor of course.

The Challenge:

  1. Follow this 30 day beginners Blogilates calendar. Only workout on tolerable days. If you skip a day or days due to intense migraine symptoms just pick up where you left off – this is not a race.
  2. Tweet to @migrainepuzzle & @blogilates each time you finish a workout and add a link featuring the workout you just completed with the hashtags #GFDCM #Blogilates. E.g. here’s a tweet I posted today: Just finished these despite . Started pain level 6 still at 6 so far.  N.B. if you don’t have migraines but want to participate tweet to @migrainepuzzle & @blogilates hashtags #GFBC1 (see more hashtags below) and #Blogilates
  3. When you’ve completed the beginner’s challenge, write a blog post about your progress (let me know to read it) and then start one of the other 30 day challenges on the Blogilates website. Each time you finish a challenge write a post and start another.

N.B. This challenge is for six months and starts TOMORROW – July 18, 2015. If you prefer to do another type of workout that’s fine. Just tweet what you’ve done to @migrainepuzzle #GFDCM/GFBC1 (if you’re not a migraineur), and after 30 days write a blog post and let me know to read it. Oh and don’t worry if you’re joining us late. It’s never too late to start a healthy routine. Now please spread the word!!! 🙂

– Skylar

P.S. Here’s the breakdown of the hashtags to use.

Chronic Migraineurs: #GFDCM – Get Fit Despite Chronic Migraine
Episodic Migraineurs: #GFDM1 – Get Fit Despite Migraine
Non-Migraineurs: #GFBC1 – Get Fit Blog Challenge
Headache Disorders – #GFDHD1 – Get Fit Despite Headache Disorder

N.B. Cassey Ho of Blogilates does not endorse me or this blog. I am just a fan of her Pop Pilates.


8 thoughts on “Get Fit Despite Chronic Migraine 6 Month Challenge

  1. What a great challenge! Keep it up! I´m going swimming now almost every day and I sleep, look and feel a lot better. We really need to use our bodies, it´s what they were made for. I hope the migraine lets you do that, and I wish you lots of success.

    • Swimming is a great workout! I LOVE to swim. I used to swim on a team when I was in high school.

      I hope my migraines let me too. That’s why I started the challenge. I REALLY need the motivation. In fact I just finished and I know I wouldn’t have done the workout if I didn’t feel obligated to the challenge.

      If you’d like you can join the challenge with your work out. Just tweet @migrainepuzzle I just finished my swim #GFDM (since you have migraines). 🙂

      Take care and thanks for reading and encouraging me.

      – Skylar 🙂

      • Glad to hear the challenge already has an effect! I´m not into twitter and summer holidays are too chaotic to make commitments of the sort, but I´m very happy in the role of cheerleader here 🙂

      • Totally understand. I appreciate the encouragement! And a few people have joined on twitter so I’m super excited!!!

        Take care and enjoy your swims. That’s a great idea for the summer.

        – Skylar

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