Stick With The Plan – “My-graine” Action Plan Step 8

Creating a plan is easy; sticking with it is the hard part. To keep myself motivated, I’ll write a monthly post on my progress with the plan. The initial post was created on July 2nd, so my first “check-in” will be on August 2nd.

Do you have a migraine plan? If you do, please share it with me via my contact page. If not, why not create one and then share it with me? At the end of your comment, please indicate whether you would or would not mind me sharing your plan on my blog. Depending on how many of you respond to this call to action, I’ll create a weekly/monthly featured called: John/Jane Doe’s Migraine Action Plan (John/Jane Doe will of course be replaced with your name unless otherwise stated). For those of you that participate and have blogs, I’ll include a link to your blog page.

I really hope you take me up on this challenge. Your action plan may include steps that will be beneficial to you and others.

– Skylar

N.B. At the end of your action plan, please include a brief paragraph explaining your personal experience with episodic or chronic migraines.





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