Empty heart full of pain,
Tired of my migraine brain.
It goes,
Even wakes me from a doze.
Fight back pity,
Fight back tears,
This is my life,
Year after year.

Just so TIRED…(sigh)

– Skylar

12 thoughts on “Tired

  1. We all feel this way when we struggle with a chronic illness. It’s hard if not impossible to feel disheartened not be disheartened. But how self pitying can you be if you’re turning your feelings into something creative, like poetry? Poetry is action, the opposite of inertia/self pity. I hope the last 4 days have been a small reprieve for you.
    All the best,
    Joanna Charnas,
    Author, Living Well with Chronic Illness

    • Thank you so much!!! Your saying that really touched my heart. I appreciate your comment more than words can express.

      Since my poem, I was good emotionally migraine wise I was up and down. Today I’m feeling a little down, but I trudging on through. About to create one or two posts.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your encouraging words.

      – Skylar 🙂

      • migrainpuzzlepiece,
        I’ve just discovered several unanswered comments on my blog. So my response is about 11 months late. I hope you are feeling better these days, and I’m glad my comments were helpful to you. Wishing you all the best. Joanna

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