Spend at Least 15 Minutes Per Day Outside in the Sun – “My-graine” Action Plan Step 6

My husband jokingly calls me his little vampire. If you’re not a chronic migraineur you may wonder why. One of my many migraine symptoms is Photophobia: an abnormal intolerance (not fear), of light; also known as light sensitivity.

When I’m under migraine attack, which is pretty much 80%+ of my life, I cannot tolerate light. The worse the migraine, the less tolerant I am. Any light source aggravates my migraines and sunlight is a trigger for them. As a result, as I type all the curtains and blinds in my house are closed, all lights are turned off and the light on my computer screen, iPad and phone are turned down very low. If my migraine was severe to excruciating, I’d also be wearing sunglasses.

So why am I advocating getting out in the sun? Sunlight provides the following and much, much more:

  1. Provides 90% of the vitamin D that our bodies need. Click HERE for information on vitamin D deficiency provided by: www.medicinenet.com
  2. Plays a role in regulating the production of serotonin and melatonin which are responsible for many human functions like sleep, mood, appetite, body temperature and more.
  3. Kills bad bacteria.
  4. Boosts the immune system.
  5. Aids in the release of endorphins, hormones, which enhance mood and can possibly relieve mild depression.
  6. Protect against and suppress symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Yes skin cancer is associated with TOO MUCH UVR exposure, however other cancers could result from too little. So will you be joining me for some mild sun exposure?

N.B. The amount of sun exposure you need varies depending on where you live, the time of year and whether you are fair skinned or dark skinned. Dark skinned people require more sunlight to get the recommended daily dose. Caution: Everything must be done in moderation. Sun Cancer is real and dangerous. Talk to your doctor to determine the right amount of sun exposure for you and your family; and discuss ways to protect yourself while enjoying the sun’s beautiful, warming, rays.

– Skylar

P.S. I’ll be donning my sunglasses and opening my blinds and curtains more on “tolerable” days.

8 thoughts on “Spend at Least 15 Minutes Per Day Outside in the Sun – “My-graine” Action Plan Step 6

  1. Hi Skyler – I find I like sitting in the living room and have the blinds open when I can. Direct sunlight can bring on a lupus flare (I have a rash on my hand from the car)
    Crazy question, have you ever had any concussions? I ended up with a migraine yesterday (it’s still lingering) and the Dr. said it’s normal because my brain is working extra hard. More exercises added and who would have thought eye movement would help.

    • Oh that’s best. You don’t want a flare.

      I sat outside for 15 to 20 minutes today and read so I wouldn’t be twiddling my thumbs lol. I came back in with greater pain lol (went from a 5 to a 7 almost 8). I had on sunglasses. I don’t know if it was the sun, how I sat, sitting despite having a migraine or all of the above. Lol. It was surprisingly breezy and mild. Anyhoo, hopefully my diet will help to pinpoint the problem.

      I still have a migraine (never really goes), but the pain level is like a 3, which is very rare. I’m usually at a 4/5 but it doesn’t take much for it to escalate out of control.

      I even got out of the house for about two hours. I am pleased. Hopefully something is working, or may it’s just a “good” day.

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