Exercise Despite Chronic Migraine – “My-Graine” Action Plan Step 5

photo credit: training via photopin (license)

photo credit: training via photopin (license)

Of all the steps, I definitely think this one is the most difficult, because migraine symptoms are aggravated by movement. Yet for chronic migrianeurs it’s so important, because most of us lead sedentary lifestyles.

What does an inactive lifestyle result in?

Heart Disease

For chronic migraineurs that are unable to work, like myself, we can throw depression on top of all of that, because not only are we laying or sitting in isolation most of the day, but we very rarely get out in the sun.

According to the Mayo Clinic, we should be aiming for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week (for more info. click HERE). I of course pulled out my nifty calculator and divided that number by 7. This is the figure I came up with: 21.4. Therefore we really should be scheduling at least 20 minutes of exercise per day.

Here’s a suggestion. Why not schedule 20 minutes of walking per day? You can do the full 20 minutes in one go or break it up into intervals of 5 or 10 minutes. You may choose to walk outside to add in the benefits of the sunshine, or you may want to do your walk while watching your favorite tv show or during the commercial break. Do what’s best for you and your circumstances.

How do I plan to add working out to my routine?

I’ve written two posts on this subject already: Chronic Illness/Pain & Exercise and Workout Despite Chronic Migraine. I will be restarting the two forms of exercise mentioned in those two posts (dancing with my husband and Blogilates respectively), on “good” to “tolerable” pain days. On days when my pain level is severe but not excruciating I plan to do light walking.

  1. Walk in the spot while brushing my teeth, washing my face or hands.
  2. Walk in the spot while waiting for food to heat up in the microwave.
  3. Get things for myself rather than asking my hubby to get them (I have to when he’s not home).

On excruciating pain days I’ll sleep.

What are the benefits? 

Here are 7 Benefits of REGULAR Physical Activity by mayoclinic.org:

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. Combats health conditions and diseases
  3. Improves mood
  4. Boosts enegry
  5. Promotes better sleep
  6. Puts the spark back into your sex life
  7. Can be fun

If you have a workout routine please share it with us. If not what do you plan to do for 20 minute per day?

– Skylar

N.B. Do not begin any workout regimen before consulting your doctor.


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