First Week On My Migraine Trigger Free Diet

photo credit: meatloaf via photopin (license)

photo credit: meatloaf via photopin (license)

It’s been a week since I started my Migraine Trigger free diet and it’s been going well yay! No I haven’t seen a change in my migraines YET, but I’m still exercising self-control. I’m finding I can still be a foodie despite my restrictions.

I was, however, put to the test last night. Some friends of ours took us out for dinner at a restaurant where finding out the ingredients in the food would’ve been like trying to pull teeth from a toothless baby. From my opening, though, you know I didn’t succumb to my desires. So what did I do?

My darling husband made me meatloaf, mashed potatoes and stemmed broccoli, which I took with me. I took it in a huge snazzy looking straw bag with sliver sequence on it – gatta look chic. It looked and tasted so good, one of my friends said, “Aww…I want meatloaf! I thought they didn’t have any” (I put my food on one of the restaurant plates so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself; so late comers thought I’d ordered it.)

Despite that success, everyone had cake wha wha whaaa… Cake is one of my favorites. So I’ve been craving cake ALL day. Again my darling husband is on his way home with a Pillsbury box cake that works in harmony with the diet. It would’ve been better to bake one from scratch, but I don’t have the ingredients, the desire nor the right pain level to do so at the moment. I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into the french vanilla yumminess he’s bringing home.

Wait! He’s here! Gatta run…

– Skylar

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