Out and About Today Despite Chronic Migraine

I’ve had a lovely day so far. I actually got out and about. Hubby and I participated in some volunteer work. Afterward, I left him at home cleaning and went by my parents (where I’m typing this); I had to soak up some a/c. Being out was good emotionally, but it did aggravate my migraine. I started with a #3/4 and I’m at a #7 almost 8 at the moment and we don’t have a/c at home. I just couldn’t take the heat especially since I’m off caffeine, which I find takes the edge off my pain when combined with my meds (SOMETIMES).

How did I muster up the courage to get out? I have to say it’s thanks to 6 articles I read yesterday. One of them was by Tammy Rome, a fellow chronic migraine fighter. The title of the article is: “5 Ways to Thrive With Chronic Pain” (definitely a must read). The two points that encouraged me to roll out of bed and get going this morning are:

1. “Be prepared at all times. In order to really thrive with chronic pain, you can’t stay inside your home all the time. Eventually, you need to get out and experience the world. It’s tricky though. Pain storms can happen without warning, so it’s best to be prepared. To start out, you’ll need a durable bag (canvas is great). Next you will choose just the right items that help you be more comfortable when pain is high.” – Tammy Rome

“Need some ideas to get started? Check out Always be preparedTammy’s Treatment, or the What’s in a migraine toolkit? video on my YouTube channel for more details.” – Tammy Rome

Following this advice, I wore a cool summer dress (temps are in the 90s Fahrenheit / 32 plus Celcius), a sun hat that has an adjustable cap, sun glasses, comfortable shoes and my hubby kept an umbrella over me at all times while we were outside. Before leaving the house I had breakfast, took my meds., had a big glass of water and packed an extra bottle of water to stay hydrated.

2. “Finding new joy in life. There’s another side to trying new things. Our natural response to pain is to stop. When faced with chronic pain, you can’t just stop everything. Life goes on. Sure, you will have new limitations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn new ways of being active and enjoying your life.  Being prepared for pain increases your confidence and improves your willingness to get out of the house to enjoy the world. It won’t be the same as before you became ill. It will be different. In some ways, you may even find new and better ways of living.” – Tammy Rome
In the past, I would have spent hours out. However, working within my new limits meant spending only 2 hours out. Two fabulous hours!
The other articles I read talked about finding control despite unchangeable circumstances. They are however, featured on a religious website. If you’d like me to send the links to you let me know below, via my contact page or send me an email at: skylar_loch@outlook.com

I hope you’re having as fab a day as possible based on your circumstances.

– Skylar




4 thoughts on “Out and About Today Despite Chronic Migraine

  1. Thank you so much for these kind words. It does my heart good to know that the words I was given have touched another life. Stay strong through the storm! ~ Tammy Rome, The Brain Storm

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