Scandal Actress Reveals Battle With Migraines

So happy to see a celebrity sharing their story, spreading awareness and joining the fight to stop the stigma. When celebs speak people listen. – Skylar

By  Published June 25, 2015

photo credit: TW1_0482 via photopin (license)

photo credit: TW1_0482 via photopin (license)

Actress and recording artist Bellamy Young, who plays first lady Melody “Mellie” Grant on the hit TV show “Scandal,” logs upwards of 17 hours a day on set, so maintaining her energy levels is crucial. To do so, Young makes sure she gets quality sleep even if it’s only five or six hours’ worth, hikes, does yoga, opts for small but frequent meals, and snacks on healthy fare like almonds and apples.

But for Young, 45, remaining cognizant of her physical wellbeing is all the more imperative, as not doing so means she may miss the warning signs of a migraine— a condition she’s suffered with  for as long as she can remember.

“You lose days,” Young, who is aiming to raise awareness about migraines for National Migraine Awareness Month, told “Until you know how to deal with [migraines], you lose time and opportunities, and it’s completely debilitating— so it’s highly motivating to find a methodology that works.”

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