Sharing Hope – Choose Life – MHAM Blog Challenge Day 30

Today’s prompt: Sharing Hope: Share your favorite blog challenge post from this month, yours or somebody else’s. The best way to do this is to quote the first two paragraphs from the post and link to the rest of it. Then tell us why it’s your favorite.

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This month I read many inspiring posts that I retweeted and/or reblogged. Of them all, my favorite was write by Sarah of The post title is Nature Brings Hope. It was in response to the prompt for day 13 of the blog challenge: Today’s prompt: What in Nature Brings You Hope? Tell us what things in nature bring you hope and why.

See below for a tidbit from the post. Click HERE to read the rest.

Nature Brings Hope

“A place that gives me hope in nature is the woods.  We have an amazing park system around where we live and I love to take an afternoon hike.  It’s a place I love and am filled with hope.  If you ever come to Cleveland, visit the Metro Parks, you won’t be disappointed.  The last time I was in a migraine cycle I was down for about 3 days.  When I’m down, it’s a tough decision to lay around and suffer or push myself to get out and raise my endorphins.  I was at a level 6 or 7 which was better but still pretty bad. I decided to go to the parks with my family.”

Why I love this post… 

Every time I read this post it makes me feel tranquil, at peace. As I read, I can smell the woods, feel the cool breeze whirl around me and hear the laughter of children.

Knowing what my 6 or 7 migraine feels like, I saw Sarah as courageous and selfless. She chose to rise above her pain that day, not an easy feat. She chose to suffer so that she could enjoy life, but more importantly share and create a special moment with her family. This to me was so inspiring. It made me realize that I CAN choose life. I CAN enjoy it despite my intense, never ending pain. It also taught me to kick my Migraine Warning to the curb, because special moments are so worth the consequences they can bring.

Thanks Sarah! Every time I get out and share a special moment, on a barely “tolerable” day, I will think of your beautiful walk in the woods.

– Skylar

“The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the:
American Headache and Migraine Association.”


5 thoughts on “Sharing Hope – Choose Life – MHAM Blog Challenge Day 30

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  2. Skylar, what a nice thing to say! Some days I wonder how much good my blog is doing and when I read your response I couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much for your kind words & encouragement. I found as much inspiration in your response to my post as much as you got from mine. Your blog is great & im lucky to be featured on it!

    • Thank you for your kind words; and you’re so welcome! I feel like you’ve given me the courage to get up and go. You gave me hope 🙂 .

      In fact, you and your blog are an inspiration. I’m sure you have and will continue to inspire many more.

      I just love our migraine community!

      – Skylar 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on My Migraine Life and commented:
    A fellow blogger picked a post of mine as her favorite post this month. I feel honored that she chose me from all the great things said during migraine awareness month. It is a great blog and I feel lucky to be featured!

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