Migraine Webinar Replay – Your Time to Watch Expired

A great Migraine Webinar Replay that you don’t want to miss. Those with chronic pain may find this informative too. Only 2 days left to watch. The video is only 40 mins.


I wanted to share this with you guys. It’s a 4 day webinar replay: How to Say Goodbye to the Pain of Migraine and Associated Symptoms. While watching you can text the Doctor…even during the replay. Hubby and I are about to watch now. See below for update.


Hubby and I watched the webinar and found it interesting and plausible. The video shares Dr. Rozakis’ view on what causes migraine and therefore how to successfully treat it. It makes a lot of sense to my husband and me.

However please note we do not endorse Dr. Rozakis, his video or methods of treatment. I only wanted to share new information. The video does have a call to action that we are not encouraging nor discouraging. Act at your own risk after watching the video and doing subsequent research including talking to your doctor.

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