What Color Is Hope? – MHAM Blog Challenge Day 16

June 16th prompt: What Color Is Hope? Colors can be very powerful. They can give an impression in a single glance and affect how we feel. What color do you envision when you think of hope? As best you can, tell us why and how that color makes you feel.

© 2014 Skylar T. Loch

© 2014 Skylar T. Loch

Sky blue and turquoise water are the colors of hope for me. Since they’re both in the blue family I thought I’d mention all two.

Why: I live in a tropical country with beautiful blue skies and turquoise waters. On a beautiful day the sky is a gorgeous, clean, refreshing blue. When I dare to look outside during an attack (I have photophobia), I almost always think of going to the beach and the smell of chlorine; followed by fond memories of my childhood. I see myself romping on the beach with my family; as a teenager strutting the beach with my friends lol; on the starting blocks at a swim meet listening to, “Swimmers take your marks, get set, pomp – the sound of the gun; riding horses on the beach and I can go on. Those were days when I was Chronic Migraine free, completely uninhibited and blissfully happy.

How do they make me feel: Those colors make me feel hopeful. They remind me of who I was and who I want to be. Not a youngster, but physically uninhibited. Able to keep appointments and be spontaneous. Able to enjoy more than one outing per day. Able to run up and down like a maniac with my nieces and nephews without fear of the inevitable pain…Those colors convince me that If I were once chronic migraine free then there must be a way to get back to that. I’m gonna dare to look out the window right now and fill myself with a sense of hope.

– Skylar

“The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the:
American Headache and Migraine Association.”

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