Riding The Coaster Again!

Today I’m in tolerable pain, but still not able to write…about hope. I feel as if the migraine, that’s still ravaging me, sucked the life out of me and is still draining whatever’s left. I’m just not in the frame of mind to write about hope. I just don’t feel very hopeful at all.

Despite that, I wanted to write. Why? Because chronic migraine is a constant roller coaster of tolerable, to severe, to excruciating symptoms accompanied by a myriad of emotions and I feel you should be exposed to them all. If you’re a chronic migraineur, you’ll know you’re not the only one that feels this way; and if you’re not, you’ll have been given a glimpse at yet another angle of this disabling, neurological, nightmare of a disease.

See below for a poem I wrote: Feb. 16 2015 when I was in a mood much like this one.

Migraine Roller Coaster

But never stable, well or whole.

– Skylar


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