Hope Is Everywhere – MHAM Blog Challenge Day 12

Today’s Prompt: “Birds of Hope,” Interpret the Quote: Tell us what the quote on the image below means to you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.18.24 PM

It’s amazing how common it is to see a little bird fly by and hear its little tune; especially while gardening, taking a nature walk or sitting and watching the sun set or rise. On those occasions, it’s as if we’re determined to enjoy all the nature around us so we marvel at the beauty of the bird and listen to its song.

When battling through everyday life however, driving to work, dropping the kids off, coping with some illness etc. little birds tend to fade into the background. He/She may fly by and sometimes chirp a little tune, but unless brought to our attention he/she goes unnoticed.

I think it’s the same with hope. It’s always there in many, many different forms. We notice it especially when we’re looking for it, like now as we blog about hope. However, when we’re in the throes of life, and we fall into despair, it becomes like background noise or that little birdie who goes unnoticed. It’s still there, but because we’re so focused on our problems we forget to draw on it for strength.

The Lesson: We always have reason to hope. Sometimes we have to be reminded by others and/or stop and meditate on the things in our life that bring us hope.

– Skylar

P.S. This post is a day late because I am battling a terrible head cold and a migraine at the same time…UGH! I tried to get rid of my cold on my own (it started on June 9th), to no avail. Yesterday was the worst!  I felt like I was going out of my mind with pain, nausea, congestion, coughing… As a result, I went to the doctor first thing this morning to find out that I have an infection in my left lung. Had I waited a few more days, the doctor said, I would have developed pneumonia. Just wanted to let you know why you hadn’t heard from me. Typing this has been a chore because I feel TERRIBLE; but I don’t want to fall behind on my posts. That would overwhelm me. 🙂

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