6-9-15 Choose Happiness sounds easy huh

Love the raw truth of this article.


migraine musings

I really wasn’t going to do Migraine Awareness for the month of June but with my daily calendar today saying Choose Happiness, I wish it was just that easy, my newsfeed blowing up and my head literally blowing up with the winter of darkness I had, I felt compelled to share the darkest side of chronic migraine invisible illness, the emotional side, the side that takes lives from us. Many wonder why or how but consider having pain in your head 24/7, never being able to get away from it. Consider having only so much energy to function per day and having to allot it for certain tasks and having to decide what is most important for you, consider having to lay in a dark room thinking about all of this and about what this illness has done to you and your loved ones and the guilt that you live…

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