Chronic Migraine – The Saboteur of Hope

photo credit: Key Foster via photopin cc

photo credit: Key Foster via photopin cc

I recently enjoyed three tolerable days back to back. They were fabulous! I was beginning to think I had a system going. Then while out with a friend, for the first time in MONTHS, the twinkles started. But all I could take was an over-the-counter pill — shoulda just sucked a mint. The prescription pills I have come with a label: Don’t Exceed More Than 10 Of These In A Month. By the second week I’d met the quota. I think I need a new prescription.

I ignored the twinkles hoping the migraine wouldn’t come (my symptoms very rarely start right after my aura). Five hours later, in the middle of my Blogilates workout!!WHAM!! – and my workout was over…

I immediately spiraled into depression. My husband, who’s thankfully optimistic, said focus on the fact that you had three tolerable days back to back. Tolerable days that allowed you to cross a number of things off of your to do list – that’s progress. Focus on what you’ve done. Gatta love him right?!

My migraine started on the 19th and it’s still going, but I’m trying to be positive. I’m trying not to let this disease sabotage my hope.

– Skylar


7 thoughts on “Chronic Migraine – The Saboteur of Hope

  1. The depression and pain are best buds for me too… Sometimes hard to feel a sense of control over my emotional state at all.

    I’m sure you know about medication overuse headache? I hope your meds are not actually contributing to the frequency of attacks…

    Wishes for more tolerable days πŸ™‚


    • Yeah my emotional state is like my post: Migraine Roller Coaster. Highs and lows. So I get what you mean.

      We have considered medication overuse. Especially after reading Heal Your Headache – The 1 2 3 Program by Dr. David Buchholz. We tried the diet for a while and avoided all caffeine – even in meds – for a while but I’ve never actually stopped taking medication. There are days that are tolerable when I take nothing but the pain eventually gets too severe and I hate vomiting so I have to take something.

      I stayed away from Doctors and prescription pills for about 3 years. I was just so fed up with the constant disappointment. I no longer trust doctors. I know I just need to find the right one.

      During that period I just started taking Advil or Tylenol PM when the pain became severe to excruciating. I’d usually be asleep before the nausea started.

      After reading that it can be dangerous not to properly treat migraines my husband and I started seeing doctors again. I still rely pretty heavily on my Advil PM etc. I’ll ask my doctor about medication overuse.

      Thanks for commenting and for the well wishes. I wish for more tolerable days for you too. πŸ™‚

      – Skylar

  2. This is the battle I have too. Not being allowed to take medication for more than 10 days is such a pain. I suffer migraine symptoms every day and have to choose which days I use medication. Keep going! Living with migraine may be hard but it is not hopeless!

    • Thanks so much. This has been a long battle for me and some days I just feel so tired. The few and far between tolerable days give me hope though.

      It is hard trying to figure out when to take them. That’s what I tried to tell my doctor. I just don’t think she fully gets it. It’s comforting to know that someone does understand. Thanks for reaching out.

      You hang in there too. πŸ™‚

      – Skylar

  3. I’m sure you may have seen this already but there is research out there that links the migraine attack to emotional response, so not only are you being hit by the downer of suffering another set back on your battle against the migraines but the chemical response in your brain may also be pushing you into an emotional response. The paper I saw said this may be a stress, angry or depressed response, either way talk about kicking you while you are down!

    • I know right! As if all the other symptoms aren’t bad enough.

      Sometimes I’m depressed; sometimes it’s severe anxiety; and one of my prodromes is euphoria.

      What a troublesome disease migraine is!

      Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜ƒ

      – Skylar

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