Cleaning Despite Chronic Migraine

On July 24, 2014, I wrote the blog post: Can You Clean Despite Chronic Migraine? Share Your Story. Many of you participated. Most comments indicated that, like me, you have a difficult time cleaning your homes; and of those who participated in my survey, 80% chose: I am limited when it comes to cleaning. I wish I could do more; and 20% said that they are unable to clean.

Since that article, my husband and I started the cleaning program: Good Home Cleaning Schedule (pictured), found under Quick Cleaning Tips From The Good Home Co’s blog.

Since starting this routine, our home has been more presentable and when I am unable to clean the load is lighter on my husband. My home is still not spotless like I’d like it (I have perfectionist tendencies), but all areas are dusted, swept and disinfected at least once per week.

If any of you dare to try this fabulous creation of The Good Home Blog please let me know. Also check out their store (, for cleaning products without sulfates, phthalates and parabens.

– Skylar



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