“Thanks Migraine For Making Me Healthy”

photo credit: angeloangelo via photopin cc

photo credit: angeloangelo via photopin cc

I saw that statement a few months back either in a blog post, tweet or Facebook post. At the time I wasn’t healthy. I was eating any and everything, even things I suspected to be triggers. That statement was one of the things that motivated me to restart my fight against my daily headache and chronic migraine disease. Now I can say, “Thank you migraine for making me healthy.”

Since July 2nd, I’ve been sticking to the suggested diet in the book, ” Heal Your Headache The 1-2-3 Program, by Dr. David Buchholz, M.D. Can you believe I haven’t had one coke soda or fast-food meal for 23 days. WOW!!! In fact, all of my meals are prepared at home.

As I type, my head pain is minimal and I don’t have a migraine. On a sensitive note, I’ve been having bowel movements everyday in comparison to twice maybe three times per week. I’m not saying this diet is my last puzzle piece to normalcy; but I do feel it’s a major piece in my puzzle.

Lesson: Migraine takes a lot away from us but it also allows other positive things to filter into our lives. We just have to stop and reflect on them. Below is a poem I wrote on July 30, 2013:

I Remember …

… when I wasn’t sick,

but took life for granted.

… when I was out 80% of the time,

but read less.

… when I wasn’t dependent on others,

but took family and friends for granted.

… when I could eat what I wanted,

but paid no attention to  health.

… when I sympathised with the sick,

but lacked empathy.

… when I worked,

but didn’t save.

… when I  married my husband,

but didn’t appreciate,

“In sickness and in health”,

or how much he really loves me.

… when I didn’t realise how much I could learn from a trial.

– Skylar


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