Being Productive Despite Living With Chronic Migraine

photo credit: Courtney Dirks via photopin cc

photo credit: Courtney Dirks via photopin cc

Chronic migraine has greatly decreased my productivity. However, during a recent family meeting my husband and I devised a way for me to be productive and feel good about myself even on barely tolerable days. The secret? Have two to-do lists.

The first should be a list of labour intensive things you need to get done: cleaning, grocery shopping and so on. The second should be a list of things you can do while in bed: blog, write the shopping list, pay bills online etc.

My goal is to start with the 1st list and when my pain level increases move on to list two. That way I can aim to get at least one of my physical activities done. If I do more than one great, if not I still feel good just accomplishing list two. If you like this idea and try it, let me know.

Here are my lists for today:

List 1
Read a chapter of the Bible (not labour intensive but it’s the most important activity of the day for me)
Dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher :()
1 extra household chore (based on my level of pain)
Wash 1 load of clothes
Bath the dog
Photograph and post pictures of my jewelry
Cook dinner

List 2
Watch video that shows how to clean copper
Write a blog post
Send out some tweets
Work on commissioned jewelry pieces
Catch up on some reading



4 thoughts on “Being Productive Despite Living With Chronic Migraine

  1. Good job Skylar. Yesterday I put my two weeks’ worth of pills out. Today I got library books returned. I wasn’t really able to do anything with the kids either day, but J suggested for when I feel this bad maybe having a “done” list instead of a “to do” list. But I like your husband’s idea too. Let’s hope we both have a good, productive-ish day tomorrow. ~elizabeth

    • Thx! A done list is good too. It’s important that we focus on what we are doing (however small), than what we aren’t doing. As a result, whatever ways we can feel more productive and build our self-worth and confidence is important.

      Thx for sharing.

      – Skylar 🙂

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