Mango Instead of an Ice Pack

photo credit: Koolestplay via photopin cc

photo credit: Koolestplay via photopin cc

I’ve been suffering from a severe migraine attack for the past few days. Yesterday I was finally starting to feel a bit better, so I got up and made dinner. By the time I was done I was repenting for leaving my bed.

After dinner, I was back at #8 so we had to shut off all lights. I took my meds, rubbed some lavender essential oil under my nose and on the back of my neck and asked for an ice pack to ride out the pain while I waited, and hoped, for sleep to rescue me.

When my hubby came back in the room and handed me my ice pack in a sock (a tip we got from another blogger), I put it on my head and realised something wasn’t quite right. When I inquired, I was told my “ice pack” was a mango lol. We apparently forgot to refreeze ALL the ice packs we own; but earlier that day I put two mangos, that were on the verge of becoming overripe, in the freezer.

Lesson: When out of ice packs and frozen veg. use a mango lol. Just kidding. Remember to put your ice packs back in the freezer.

– Skylar


7 thoughts on “Mango Instead of an Ice Pack

  1. Tell your husband thank you (from me)!! it warms my heart to see his concern for his wife.
    He is mentioned lovingly in many of your posts and it seems to me he exerts much energy to care for you.

    • He does. He is a sweetheart. We love each other ta pieces and he takes very good care of me. Along with all of his other responsibilities.

      That’s why when I have a good day, I always end up in bed, because I try to do as much as I can to lighten his load. I will pass on your message :).

      – Skylar

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