Migraine Pain Always Comes First

Is that true with you? Does your migraine pain trump any other pain your body’s experiencing? Mine does.

For the past few weeks, my right wrist has been aching off and on. I would feel a slight pain only when I performed certain actions, like pressing my manual water bottle pump – you know the blue one; or moving my hand from the computer keys to the mousepad on the laptop – I keep my wrist stationary, which I think may have caused this problem. I’d only think about the pain when I felt it and compared to my migraines it was nothing – until today.

Wow! Talk about aggravating a problem. I can no longer press the water pump with my right hand. I’m a curly girl, so I spray my hair every night with a mixture of bottled water and lavender essential oil, and then seal my ends with conditioner and gel. Tonight I could barely press the lever on the spray bottle. Huh! Had I not ignored the “little” pain I was feeling, my wrist, and all that’s affected by it, might still be fully functional. This means I have to get this checked next week, and in the interim I have to baby my dominant hand. Such a nuisance! I plan to go as soon as Monday.

Have any of you ever had an experience like this? I have a few others that I won’t bore you with :).

– Skylar


6 thoughts on “Migraine Pain Always Comes First

  1. My gallbladder pain is the only thing that has trumped my migraines. I’ve noticed other pains, but I usually wait and see if they will get better on their own before seeing the doctor. They may not be as bad as a migraine, but I do notice them.

  2. I got pancreatitis from a medicine I took for endometriosis in my mid 20’s. (I figured out the med was why after some research and sued for malpractice but that’s another story.) I had such a pain tolerance from frequent severe migraines that I didn’t think anything of the stomach / side pain until it got bad enough that I couldn’t drive and ended up in the hospital!

    • Wow! So sorry to hear that.

      I think the migraine pain is so bad that we tend to ignore and or minimise other pain. I have more serious stories like the one I mentioned on this post.

      I guess the lesson I’ve learnt, based on my experience and now yours, is I have to pay more attention so I don’t cause myself major injury.

  3. I have built up a high pain tolerance and also knack for ignoring anything new because of having to deal with this invisible illness itself is a job at times other aches and pains are left go thinking they will go away. Not a good way to live but neither is with this illness.

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