Migraine Friendly Meals to Go – Recovery: Day 4

photo credit: Rubbermaid Products via photopin cc

photo credit: Rubbermaid Products via photopin cc

The last few times I tried the potential migraine trigger free diet mentioned in the book, Heal Your Headache The 1-2-3 Program, by Dr. David Buchholz, M.D. I failed. Looking back, I feel my lack of success was partly due to poor planning.

Yesterday morning, I prepared a large amount of food that pretty much lasted the entire day. Yes I ate the same thing for breakfast, lunch and snack, but I wasn’t hungry so my blood sugar level didn’t drop – one of my triggers. I think the key to avoiding boredom during the day, is to prepare something you absolutely love to eat.

Going forward this is what my husband and I plan to do – always have leftovers – and even though I don’t work out of the house, prepare a lunch bag the night before. That way, if he isn’t able to fix a meal for me and I’m in too much pain to make something from scratch, I’ll have something I can just pop in the microwave, or just pull out of the fridge.

There is a caution here however. Leftovers after a few days start to develop tyramine – a common migraine trigger. It’s because of the presence of tyramine in aged cheeses, aged meats etc. that some have to avoid those morsels of deliciousness – I love food. Consequently, we have to be careful not to prepare too much food, as we don’t want to be wasteful. I try not to eat leftovers after the 2nd day and when we’ve prepared too much, freezing is also an option.

N.B. Overripe fruits also contain tyramine, so if that’s a trigger for you then you’ll want to be aware of that.

July 4th meals:
BFast, Lunch & Snack:
Shrimp and broccoli wrap, a handful of potato chips (from a large bag), and an apple.
Shrimp and broccoli: seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic, ginger and curry powder (must read ingredients to make sure there’s no hidden sources of msg). I also added a little brown rice to the wrap.
Wrap: Gluten free spinach wrap.

Two Mangoes before dinner

Pork Chops seasoned with salt and black pepper

One Mango for desert

IMPORTANT NOTE: It wasn’t until a moment ago that I noticed my wrap and chips don’t line up with the diet requirements :(. The chips were cooked in PEANUT oil and the wrap has HIDDEN MSG. Lesson: read ingredient labels carefully and more than once. I only picked up on this because I was about to recommend the brands and thought, hmm… let me double check these. When I find “safe brands” I’ll name them.

– Skylar


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