Mommy to the Migraine Rescue

I woke up with a pounding (#8), migraine headache this morning – fortunately with no nausea (my husband was already at work). My dad called shortly thereafter to let me speak with a store owner that’s interested in my jewellery. Due to the degree of pain I’m in, I asked if we could postpone the conversation; my precious papa got all the necessary information and promised I’d get in contact with them. My mother stopped to visit him at work and heard how bad I was. She was over here in a flash like Super Mom strumming up breakfast – Yay!

I’ve eaten, taken my meds and waiting for the sleep to come – oh I hope it comes soon.

– Skylar


4 thoughts on “Mommy to the Migraine Rescue

  1. Skylar today was a bad one for me too. I was out of Imitrex and Percocet, while I’m thrilled to have it again, doesn’t cut it much above a 4. From 10 – 4 today I lay here in agony with an 8-9 approaching 10. I threw up and couldn’t keep any oral meds down. Finally J was able to stop by Meijer between clients to pick up my imitrex injections, and that gave me relief. I really thought I’d be heading to the ER! Hoping, now, to make it to fireworks with my family (not sure why my town is doing it a night early). Feel better soon sweetheart. ❤

    • Yesterday was pretty bad. I slept most of the day. My hubby came home in the middle of the day and took me by my parents, my mom’s on vacation. She spent the day taking care of me and my hubby took the evening shift :).

      Today is better pain’s down to 5/6. Still in bed – don’t want to aggravate it.

      Thanks for the note. Hope you’re better today :).

      – Skylar

  2. I had an absolute killer yesterday as well. All I had to take was the new Percocet, and since I woke up with it, I missed my treatment window. I had 9-10 pain for 6 hours and that is waaaaay too long for me. Finally john was able to pick up my injections – they’d been on backorder – and they worked. Ugh. I hope you were able to sleep, and have a better day today!

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