Battle of the Munchies – Migraine Recovery: Days 1 & 2

All the things I shouldn't have. Photo credit: ericmay via photopin cc

All the things I shouldn’t have.
Photo credit: ericmay via photopin cc

My battle has begun!

For the entire month of July, I will be creating a routine that I hope will ultimately lead to my controlling or ridding myself of my dreadful foes: Migraine & Depression. Each day, I’ll add a new step and blog about it.

My first line of defence is diet. I will be following the trigger free diet mentioned in the book, Heal Your Headache The 1-2-3 Program, by Dr. David Buchholz, M.D. And my second line of defence is my migraine diary.

July 1st: My husband went grocery shopping and stocked our cupboards with delicious migraine trigger free food. To celebrate we ate KFC, cheese puffs and Oreo cookies :). I know, I know that’s so bad. In my defence, I won’t be able to eat anything other than home cooked meals for two or more months; oh and I’m also off gluten for the same amount of time. As a result, I had to say good bye to “yumminess” in style.

July 2nd: I began my headache diary FINALLY! And I started my diet. Yay!

Diet Day 1: I totally missed breakfast yesterday, July 2nd. I had a case of EXTREME EXHAUSTION in addition to a dreadful headache. I woke up naturally at 9:00 am, brushed my teeth, went into the kitchen and just couldn’t bring myself to make anything. I ate an apple, said I’d lay down for a bit longer and was awoken by the phone ringing at 1:00 pm. Oh well…

For lunch & dinner, I had chicken and broccoli stir fry with brown rice. Doesn’t sound appetising but it was good. I marinated the chicken in a mixture of fresh garlic, ginger, thyme, green onions, white distilled vinegar, salt and pepper – even the broccoli was delicious. To the brown rice I added corn, which I cut off the husk of an organic ear of corn – so sweet.

For desert (after dinner), I had a delicious mango.

Check back tomorrow for my third step toward recovery and my meals for the day.

– Skylar



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