The Dream Continues – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 30

Today’s prompt: Watch “A Whole New World” (see below) from the movie Aladdin. Now share your design for how the world would understand Migraine and Headache – In a perfect world. How would your life be changed to something entirely new, moving forward from this day on, how can others help your dream be realized?

I can’t believe this is the last day of Migraine Awareness Month and the last day of the challenge. I’ve enjoyed it so much and learnt a whole lot about myself, migraine, the struggle of others and how to proactively help myself. Thanks American Headache & Migraine Association for providing this challenge every year. With that said I’ll address today’s prompt.

Helping the world to understand Migraine and Headache:

  1. I feel the best way to educate the world is through a series of commercials. Commercials that explain what cluster headache and migraine is and the difference between chronic and episodic attacks.
  2. Stats should be shared including the growing number of suicides that result from the pain, frustration and hopelessness of unsuccessfully coping with chronic migraine and cluster headaches.
  3. A reenactment of a migraine and/or cluster headache should be shown. All of this need not be in the same commercial.
  4. Perhaps a reality series would be interesting if 4 people are shown in one episode. It could feature the everyday struggle chronic sufferers face: appointments with their doctor, ER visits, trying to clean their home, taking care of their children, crying, vomiting, curling up in bed and showing how medication often fails us etc. The series could chronicle the lives of the four individuals for a year.

I feel until the world “walks a day in our shoes”, as Atticus Finch from to Kill a Mocking Bird said, and sees the pain we experience first hand, they will never understand or show sympathy to those of us that battle these crippling diseases.

My Life From This Day On:

My goal is to create a routine that would lead to a healthier and happier life for my husband and me.

Tomorrow we start my migraine trigger free diet, which will also exclude gluten.

I will try to go to bed no later than 12am and rise no later than 8am – of course a whammy will always dictate whether or not I follow through with the aforementioned.

During this challenge I started a mild and realistic exercise program that I’ll blog about and that I hope to maintain.

I plan to find a headache neurologist who cares to search for the zebra among the horses.

I plan to thoroughly educate myself about migraine disease.

And finally, I plan to continue blogging about the my struggle with chronic migraine disease, as well as the pieces I find as I move toward completing my migraine puzzle.

– Skylar

For more information on this blog challenge (hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)), and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 .


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