We Can Begin Again – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 29 Alternate

Alternate prompt: “Human” Derek Hough and Amy Purdy dance to Christina Perri’s song . What does the song, the story, the dance or the comments inspire you to say (see the video below)?

I’ve allowed chronic migraine to take over my life. I no longer try to push through the tolerable pain. I live in constant fear of the next temple bursting attack, and go out into the world when I absolutely have to. That’s not living. That’s existing.

Amy Purdy had to learn to walk, run, snow board, dance … all over again. She was willing to start anew. She accepted that her life would be different, but she refused to let her new life sit in the shadow of the first. She was determined to live not exist; to excel not settle; to inspire not be pitied.

As Robin Roberts, guest judge from Good Morning America said, Amy is letting us all know that, “We can begin again.” We can live happy fulfilling lives. No it won’t be the life we once had, but we can surpass that life and in the process inspire those who look in awe at what we’re able to do, and be, despite our chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms.

Amy figured out how to take charge of her disability rather than let it control her. My aim is to do the same. I’m going to stop, analyse my life and circumstances, and realistically find ways to create joy in my life, to learn – as if a babe – to “walk”, “run” – “snow board” if I have – to all over again. Can you do the same?

We can begin again.

– Skylar

For more information on this blog challenge (hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)), and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 .



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