My Fight Renewed – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 24 part 2

Today’s prompt: Watch the Wilson Phillips video below, then write on: When it seems Migraine has dragged us down into the pits of despair, changing our lives until we barely recognize ourselves, what do you do to hold on and keep fighting for your dream of better health?

For the most part, I’ve been writing my blog challenge posts the night before and basing it off of the sneak peek for writers page. This morning when I went to post what I wrote last night, on the AHMA’s home page, as required, I realised I didn’t answer the prompt as they specified ūüôā oops. So I figured I’d write another article.

The prompt asks us to share what we do to hold on and keep fighting for our dream of better health.

I didn’t realise, until I started this blog challenge, that I was no longer fighting for better health. I hadn’t given up on life, but I was no longer trying to help myself.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been eating what I want and sporadically going to doctors. In fact, I had lost all hope in the medical community.


Prior to the last 3 years, I had seen a number of specialists, general practitioners, had allergy tests, MRI’s … tried a host of prescribed medication, natural supplements, diets … that did nothing to relieve my chronic migraine symptoms.

I had come across a number of physicians, that I felt, looked at me and heard “cha-ching”. I didn’t feel they were listening¬†to me and responding to me as an individual. I felt like I was on an assembly line of migraine patients with doctors that said, “Hmm headache patient with no tumours,¬†here try this pill and see me in 4 weeks. Oh that didn’t work, take this pill and see me in another 4 weeks. That didn’t work try this one … try¬†this one … try¬†this one …”

My husband and I were so fed up with ineffective medical treatment, that the first thing we’d say when we met a new doctor was, “We don’t want any medication. We want you to help us figure out¬†why my headache literally never stops.”

No one has been able to break my headache cycle. The severity would lessen, but the headache would remain. Even drips and injections in the emergency room at hospitals wouldn’t break the cycle. No one seemed to hear us, so we stopped going and I lost my resolve to fight.

Since starting this challenge however, I’ve been inspired by so many other chronic migraineurs who are actively fighting. Individuals who have taken the time to educate themselves, ones who have found healthCARE practitioners that are genuinely interested in them and others who have regained some semblance of normalcy; and some so fortunate that they’ve achieved all three.

So I want to say thank you to AHMA for heading this challenge every year, for I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been inspired. I also want to thank all of my fellow bloggers for sharing their stories and motivating me to rekindle¬†my desire to achieve better health.

– Skylar

See my post: “Hold on for One More Day” – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 24

For more information on this blog challenge (hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)), and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 .



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