Who Stole My Life? – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 12

Prompt: Who Moved My Cheese Video

For the past few years I have been “Hemming” and “Hawing” for my old life, the person I used to be; much like Hem and Haw did for their cheese. Unlike them however, I know who stole my life, MIGRAINE.

Instead of deciding to adapt and make the best of my situation, while searching for relief and a cure, I’ve been longing for my old life – Skylar without a headache. As a result, my goals are usually prefaced with:

When I get these migraines under control …”
When I find a doctor that can see the zebra among the horses …”
When I figure out my triggers … ”

The result, lost motivation and depression.

It’s time for me to “venture out”, as Haw did, to find a new life. I must learn to live, not exist, with chronic migraine. I must adapt to my present circumstances. While I do that I may find a new life, a migraine free one, one that will be the start of yet another phase:

A new and ever changing Skylar; a women who is ever ready to adjust.

Who Stole My Life?

It doesn’t matter cause I’m out to get a new one!

– Skylar

For more information on this blog challenge and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 .




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