Gaining Migraine Control – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 8

photo credit: Lara Cores via photopin cc

photo credit: Lara Cores via photopin cc

Today’s prompt: “It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” – JK Rowling

That’s my dream – Migraine Control. I often say, “If I gain control over or rid myself of my migraines I will …”

But what if I don’t? What if this is it? Then as JK Rowling aptly implied, I need to figure out how I can get the best out of my life now. And to a certain degree I have been trying, with difficulty, but trying nonetheless.

When I stopped working in 2008, my hubby and I had to tighten up the budget. To compensate for my lost salary I tried a number of jobs: Avon – but I couldn’t deliver the products; part-time work at home for a spa – but we had no laptop (at the time), and I couldn’t sit at a desktop computer for prolonged periods, so that fizzled out and the list continues. It was super discouraging. My self-esteem plunged and depression soared.

Then in 2012, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a jewellery making class. My response, “Sure! If I’m having a good day,” and fortunately I was. I LOVED the class! When I got home, I took a part a large number of my necklaces (non-sentimental ones), and restrung the beads in different ways with the tool-kit that was factored into the price of the class.

Since then, I started watching jewellery making tutorials on youtube to learn new skills; and I sit comfortably in bed, on tolerable days, making jewellery, which I sell to family and friends and at trade and art shows. In fact, I’ll be showing my work next weekend and if I’m not well it’s okay because my husband and/or parents will represent me and I can call for updates as the day progresses.

We (my husband and I), recently started to reach out to local jewellery stores to see if they would carry our line. We’ve had no success yet but I know if we keep bettering our work and making presentations, we’ll eventually succeed.

This is one of the ways I’m attempting to make the best out of my messy migraine life.

– Skylar

For more information on this blog challenge (hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)), and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 .


2 thoughts on “Gaining Migraine Control – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 8

  1. Skylar,

    I’m creating a presentation for my doctor’s office in honor of Migraine & Headache Awareness Month and I’d like to put a link to your blog on the brochure I am creating. Please let me know ASAP if I have your permission. I will not add the link to my brochure until I have your permission. You can reply to me here or at with “Skylar” as the subject. Thanks! Keep up the great work! ~Michelle

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