How I’ve Helped The Way The World Around Me Views Migraine – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 7

photo credit: *k59 via photopin cc

photo credit: *k59 via photopin cc

I feel my biggest contribution to changing how the world around me sees migraine, is letting everyone I have an opportunity to speak with about my health know that migraine is not JUST a headache.

My little speech usually goes something like this, “Many people think that migraine is a bad headache but it’s not.” They’re always amazed. I continue, “It’s a genetic neurological disorder with headache being only ONE of the symptoms. In fact, a person could be having a migraine attack without having a headache.” Then I go on to list other symptoms and then talk about the severity of the headache. Then I tell them what I personally experience and how it impacts my life. I’ve found that when I do that I stop getting, “Well when I have a headache, I just take a pill and go about my day…”

Another way I’m impacting my world is through this blog. To date I have an average of 32 views per day and climbing; and readers from Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, The United Kingdom and The United States. I have not yet told my family (other than my husband who lovingly reads each post), that I’m writing this blog. Why? I have periods when I’m thoroughly depressed and I like to write about them pouring out my heart – some of it can even be described as, “Wild Talk”, :). If i knew my family and friends were reading it, I might hold back a bit so as not to worry them. I have been thinking more and more about inviting them though. It may be good for them to know how I feel. It may help them to understand me and the disease even more. We’ll see ;).

Next weekend my husband and I will be featuring our art work at a local trade show. I make jewellery (will write a post about how that came about), and my husband does everything (painting, sculpting, metal work etc.). We plan to give out migraine awareness ribbons and possibly a little flyer that we’ll make (depends on time). As the years go on and I am inspired by other bloggers, I plan to add to my contribution.

– Skylar

P.S. This challenge also asks that we mention what we would do if we could. Simply, I would change the way doctors see us. I feel that many (not all), view migraine as just a headache. They give us pills and EXPECT them to work and when they don’t they give us another and then another and then it’s all in our head. Some feel we need to change our negative thinking and stop taking life so seriously. I want them to be more empathetic and inquisitive. Not stopping until they pinpoint the cause of each persons migraine or until they find a treatment that enhances the quality of the persons life (like the doctors on the show, “Mystery Diagnosis”). Like one doctor on the show put it, “I want them to aim to spot the zebra among the horses.”

For more information on this blog challenge (hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)), and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 .


2 thoughts on “How I’ve Helped The Way The World Around Me Views Migraine – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 7

  1. You have a new written idea I congratulate you for taking the time to complete the challenge and make a difference in migraine awareness. I do my best but unfortunately usually don’t have the stamina to type daily anymore since my neuropathy and other conditions have worsened. Anyways thanks for the good read and stay well!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I would love to take credit, but it’s a challenge that instituted and I find it therapeutic.

      Although you’re not able to do as much as you’d like, your still doing a great deal to spread awareness. I look forward to your future posts.

      You take care as well :).

      – Skylar

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