Migraine Awareness Ideas – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 6 UPDATED

Today’s prompt is:
“The best way to get a good idea, is to get lots of ideas.” – Linus Pauling – Help us brainstorm ways to create awareness locally, regionally, nationally and globally. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just give us what you’ve got!

I’m pretty sure most of what I come up with is already being done but I’ll try as much as possible to think outside the box – so some may be impractical to crazy lol. So here it goes:

  1. Create and post flyers:
    Flyer stating that June is Migraine Awareness Month.
    Flyer explaining what Migraine is – many think it’s just a bad headache.
    Flyer with stats etc.
  2. Wear purple ribbon pins, bracelets, necklaces (like people do with the cancer ribbon), throughout the month of June.
  3. Have a walk for the cure (like they do for cancer).
  4. Have a puppet show at schools to educate kids. Some of them may suffer from migraines or have a parent or sibling that does. It may help them to be more empathetic.
  5. Have workshops/seminars to educate employers, teachers and/or caregivers.
  6. Create a Migraine foundation that provides funds to migraineurs that need financial assistance.
  7. Have a t.v. series: a day in the life of a migraineur that follows 3 or 4 different migraine suffers for 6 months. Has to feature people willing to show the ravaging effects of migraine (tears, curling up in dark room, drip at hospital, vomiting etc.)
  8. Kids with migraine draw pictures of their pain and then send it to a website or FB page that posts them. Or post them in Dr.s offices, at schools etc.
  9. Migraineurs VLOG about their experiences.
  10. Art show with migraine pain as the theme.
  11. Photo essay on migraine pain.
  12. Have celebrities with migraine share their stories.
  13. Have a t.v. drama/movie with the main character being a migraineur (see #7). This way it won’t invade anyone’s privacy.
  14. Concert to raise funds for migraine foundation done by a celebrity that suffers from the disease.
  15. Have 60 minutes do an entire episode on migraines featuring headache Neurologists, sufferers (adults, teenagers, younger kids) and caregivers. Thus giving people the real story.
  16. Have feature article in local newspaper every June.
  17. Have daily article in local newspaper every June.NEW
  18. T-Shirts with quirky, humorous slogans about migraines and migraineurs.
  19. My husband reminded me that migraineurs probably won’t be able to do a walk (#3) lol. How could I forget that lol. So instead of a physical walk, we could do a virtual one. How? Dress up in our purple, quirky migraine shirts, with our bracelets and or ribbons and post a VLOG on our different forms of social media with us walking in our homes explaining to viewers why our walk can’t be out in the sun :). We can let Oprah, Dr. Phil, The Today Show, local papers etc. know that millions of videos will be posted on a particular day so people will know to watch. Or better yet (my husband is helping me to flesh this out as I type lol), Someone can take about 100 of the videos and make quick clips featuring each person and what they have to say as they walk. Before showing the walkers a brief statement can be made about the purpose of the video, and the debilitating effects of migraine. I still think the individual VLOGs could be uploaded and hopefully the main one will go viral :).

Well that’s it :).

– Skylar

For more information on this blog challenge (hosted by the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)), and/or to participate see more at: MHAM Blog Challenge 2014 


3 thoughts on “Migraine Awareness Ideas – MHAM Blog Challenge: Day 6 UPDATED

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  2. Love that last idea. Viral videos are really what grabs attention these days. Everybody finds a moment to “click” on a viral video. Keep as positive as you are…eye on the “prize”. Like being in a major traffic jam…we don’t know when we will get home, but we never lose sight of the fact that we will.

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