Another Apology

I just wanted to apologize for my out pouring of angst, on August 14, 2013, in my post, Who Am I.

As I explained, I was dealing with a bad spell of severe migraines (worse than usual – see my About page), that left me dreadfully depressed. I get like that from time to time, because I tend to focus on what I can’t do rather than what I can. I fortunately have a loving and supportive family that encourages me to do otherwise. My husband constantly says,

“Look at what you ARE doing or HAVE done.”

as well as,

“How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time.”

I would like to promise that I won’t have an outburst like that again, but alas I can’t. I just hope they are few and far between. It’s very difficult being just 33 and spending about 80% of life confined to a bed; or taking it easy everyday.

– Skylar


2 thoughts on “Another Apology

    • Thank you for your kind encouragement and the music video. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. The video reminds me of the scripture at Isaiah 41:9b, 10, 13.

      Most days I am focused and positive, but there are some that are just a little heavier than others.

      I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I did because even though this trial is difficult, I want to be more positive than anything else on this blog.

      Thanks again for your kindness.

      – Skylar

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