Migraine Trigger Free Diet

photo credit: Vincent_AF via photopin cc

photo credit: Vincent_AF via photopin cc

I officially started my migraine diet today yea! It’s the one outlined in the book, Heal Your Headache The 1-2-3 Program, by Dr. David Buchholz, M.D. It’s the second stage of the program (see my post Getting Back on Track for details on his 1-2-3 program).

I tried this diet a few months back and stuck to it for a while with little cheats here and there. Because I thought I had to stick with it for six months, before moving onto step three, my resolve was weak. Now that I know it’s only two months and then step three (if there’s no improvement), I’m going to be strong and persevere. To encourage myself, I’m going to put a milestone counter on this blog.

This maybe my answer :)!

Foods To Avoid

Caffeine – (not even decaf.) Herbal tea is fine once free of trigger flavors e.g. citrus.

Chocolate – White chocolate (no cocoa) is okay; carob is questionable (I’ve not yet found a brand without cocoa or carob).

Monosodium Glutamate – (MSG – see my post MSG Is “Hidden” Everywhere) Warning: Chinese and other restaurant food usually contain MSG. Read labels!

Processed Meats and Fish – Aged, canned, cured, fermented, marinated, smoked, tenderized – or preserved with nitrites or nitrates (most lunch meats contain these – again read labels); certain hams, bacon, pates, smoked or pickled fish, caviar, anchovies. Also fresh beef liver and chicken livers and wild game (which contain tyramine).

Cheese and other Dairy Products -The more aged, the worse. In the book cottage cheese, ricotta, cream cheese and good-quality American cheese are permissible. As well as, milk, butter and ice cream. I, however, am avoiding all dairy. Yogurt, sour cream and buttermilk are also triggers.

Nuts – And anything made from them like butters, milks etc. (Seeds are okay)

Alcohol and Vinegar – Especially red wine, champagne and dark or heavy drinks. Vodka is best tolerated. Clear (ideally, distilled vinegar) is allowable. Warning: Don’t overdo condiments made with vinegar.

Certain Fruits and Juices – Citrus Fruits (including limes and lemons – I use distilled vinegar as a substitute), bananas. Also avoid raisins (and other dried fruits if preserved with sulfites), raspberries, red plums, papayas, passion fruit, figs dates and avocados.

Certain vegetables – onions, sauerkraut, pea pods and certain beans (broad Italian, lima, fava, and navy and lentils); Allowed: leeks, scallions, shallots, spring onions; also garlic.

Fresh Yeast-Risen Baked Goods (less than one day old)

Aspartame (NUTRASWEET) – Saccharin (Sweet’nLow) may also be a trigger for some. As far as Dr. Buccholtz knows, sucralose (Splenda) isn’t a problem.

Others?: Perhaps soy products (soy oil is safe). Possibly tomatoes, mushrooms and whatever you know triggers your headache.

Leftover after 2 days – I’m not sure if I read this in “Heal Your Headache…” or somewhere else. Tyramine is a compound that naturally occurs in food. The longer the food ages, the more tyramine it will contain. Tyramine is a major migraine trigger. As a result, I freeze any food that lasts more than 2 days.

N.B. Where possible without compromising the list, I’ve summarized. To get the total listing I suggest purchasing the book; it really is an informative read.

– Skylar

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