50 Random Facts About Me – Updated June 2014

photo credit: PNASH via photopin cc

photo credit: PNASH via photopin cc

  1. I hold firmly to the Bible’s laws and principals.
  2. I have been happily married for 9 years (Anniversary February).
  3. I’ve know my husband since primary school.
  4. We have two house dogs – a Shipoo (Poodle and Shitsu Mix) and a pure bred American Bull Dog (our Shipoo was stolen 😦 Nov. 2013).
  5. We don’t want children.
  6. I am biracial – black and white
  7. My parents are married and still love one another.
  8. I have one sister.
  9. My brother died 11 years ago.
  10. I have 3 nephews and 4 nieces.
  11. I have tons of “adopted” nieces and nephews.
  12. I’m 5’4″.
  13. I love Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Caribbean, Japanese … ok I just love food.
  14. I’ve travelled to: U.K., U.S., Mexico, Caribbean
  15. I love to swim.
  16. In high school I was on a swim team.
  17. In fact, I played on lots of school teams: soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball …
  18. I rode horses for a hobby when I was a child.
  19. I took piano lessons, but never practiced.
  20. I took tennis lessons.
  21. I took ballet and tap lessons and was in a stage production.
  22. I love to dance.
  23. My husband and I LOVE latin dancing; we dance salsa, bachata, meringue and cha-cha.
  24. I have a terrible singing voice, but I love to sing.
  25. I modeled for a local modeling agency in my young adult years (18 – 20).
  26. I love candles especially coffee scented.
  27. Lavender is my favourite scent.
  28. Daisies are my favourite flowers (on our first date, they were on the table so we chose them as our flower).
  29. I wear my hair naturally curly.
  30. I usually wear my hair short, but promised my hubby not to cut it for six years. I’m three years in and it’s just below my shoulders when wet.
  31. I want to go to Africa and travel around Europe.
  32. I’ve never been on a cruise.
  33. My best friend lives too far away 😦 but we chat every week.
  34. We’re learning sign language – my best friend’s daughter is going deaf.
  35. I engage in a Bible volunteer work AT LEAST once a week.
  36. I worked for a newspaper for 6 years.
  37. I am now a jewelry designer – I work from home.
  38. I love taking photos – i.e. behind the lens.
  39. I sell my jewelry and photos in art exhibits.
  40. I love to read – especially the classics.
  41. I’m on a journey to becoming a “foodist”.
  42. I love dressing up.
  43. I’m a girly, girl.
  44. My dream vehicle is a Wrangler Jeep.
  45. My dream dog is a Yorkshire Terrier.
  46. I want to write a book.
  47. I love all music – cept heavy metal. It’s a little too heavy for me.
  48. I’m selective with my entertainment. Ensuring that it doesn’t tarnish my Bible trained conscience.
  49. I do not use profanity – EVER.
  50. I ALWAYS have a headache and suffer AT LEAST one migraine per week.

7 thoughts on “50 Random Facts About Me – Updated June 2014

  1. Great list! It is so nice to know that I am not alone in not using profanity and being careful about media usage. Even my wonderful family thinks I am crazy sometimes.

  2. I love your random facts, I love how you and your husband knew each other since elementary! That’s so cute. I take keen interest in Jewelry designing but don’t know where to begin. I am not a practicing christian but the Bible changed my life.

    • Thx! And thx for checking out and following my blog.

      As for jewelry making, there maybe classes near you and there are tons of YouTube videos that you can watch. You just need to determine the type of jewelry you’d like to make. I suggest you try taking a basic class to begin with.

      Oh and http://www.jw.org is a good Site for Bible info.

      Take care,


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