How Do You Eat An Elephant? – Updated

photo credit: SAN_DRINO via photopin cc

photo credit: SAN_DRINO via photopin cc

Chronic migraine disease and chronic headaches ravage my life. I am never without pain. I just range from tolerable to head splitting anguish.

As a result, I often look around at the piled up dishes, laundry and dust, make a move to tackle it ALL, and then let the reality that it’s impossible for me to clean my house from top to bottom depress and paralyze me.

It happens to me AT LEAST once a week.

Today I’ve decided to follow my husband’s answer to the above question, “One bite at a time.”

My goal is to keep the dishes down (we don’t have a dishwasher :(), wipe the toilets and sinks every day in addition to one major task, if possible. Some days I can barely make it to the bathroom.

Yesterday I tackled the dishes that started piling up and cooked dinner. Yay!!!

Today I kept the dishes down (about to wash the last bowl and two cups :)), and cleaned the bathroom. Tomorrow I’ll do something else and so on. My hope is that, with the little I do, along with what my husband tackles when he gets in from work, we’ll get our home where I want it.

Oh and I’ve actually never eaten an elephant. In fact, I’m a pescatarian that eats chicken eggs :).


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