Successfully Treating Chronic Migraine Is Worse Than Finding A Needle In A Haystack

photo credit: Copper Kettle via photopin cc

photo credit: Copper Kettle via photopin cc

Hundreds of years ago the two may have been equal in difficulty, but then some DETERMINED person (must research who), discovered magnets and some other CURIOUS person came up with metal detectors; making a pretty impossible find possible. And the same procedure works perfectly every time. If you’ve tried finding a needle in a haystack with the two methods I mentioned and they didn’t work I welcome the correction, as I’ve never actually done it. It just sounds good in theory lol. “Anyhoo” back to the topic at hand.

As a chronic migraineur, I feel I need a doctor who’s DETERMINED to find the figurative needle. One who will CURIOUSLY run test after test until he or she finds the reason behind mine, even inventing something if they have to. Like the doctors featured on the t.v. show, Mystery Diagnosis. Or like “Dr. Gregory House” – from the popular TV Series, House, staring, Hugh Laurie – yet more tactful and interested in “minor” issues. For House to treat a migraine patient, he or she, would have to suddenly start bleeding from the head – you’d have to watch the show to understand what I mean.

Mind you, I’ve had some kind doctors that really worked with me, but I feel they either had too many patients or didn’t have the needed tenacity to figure out the cause of my Chronic Headaches and Chronic Migraine. From my point of view, some of them started out super interested, but after a while lost the drive to get to the bottom of my problem and then just started prescribing pill after pill … I basically feel I’ve been given BAND-AIDs for a gash that needs stitches. In fact, years ago I asked one neurologist to do hormone testing and he refused saying it wasn’t necessary. I got angry and never went back. Maybe not the best response but that’s what happened.

In any event, I hope to come across my “Mystery Diagnosis” doctor. My “House”. Until then I will keep searching and researching.

– Skylar


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