The Four Stages of Migraine

photo credit: mislav-m via photopin cc

photo credit: mislav-m via photopin cc

In my post, Migraine is Not Just a Headache, I promised to address the four stages of migraine. ProdromeAura, Attack and Postdrome. As I know most migraine sufferers are researchers, and probably know what those four stages are, I’m going to talk about why it’s good to understand them and what my symptoms are during each stage. If you’ve no knowledge of them, check out this link from Migraine Symptoms.

It’s good to understand the Prodrome and Aura stages because they indicate that a migraine is coming (according to Aura can also take place during a migraine). Therefore, if you understand your Prodrome and Aura symptoms you can:

  1. Prevent or lessen the severity of a migraine attack by taking your medication.
  2. Avoid planning that lunch date in the next few days.
  3. Come to grips with the strange physical and emotional symptoms you’re experiencing.


Understanding Postdromal symptoms explains the “blah” feelings  after the pain goes or lessens enough to get on with “regular” activities (I no longer have a regular life. I go from zero to 1 million easily).

My Prodromal Symptoms
Constant Urination
Constant Yawning
Food Cravings
Insatiable Appetite

My Aura Symptoms
Twinkling lights (I usually get this before an attack, but once in a while during and always wondered why. Thanks to I now understand. Therefore, research, research, research.)
Slurred Speech (minor)
Difficulty getting thoughts together
Difficulty Remembering
Blurred Vision (usually in one eye)

Throbbing Pain on Right Side of Head
Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
Nausea (Occasional thank goodness)
Vomiting (only when severe i.e. out of 1-10, 9/10)
Phonophobia (sensitivity to sound – again only when severe)

Postdromal Symptoms
Complete and utter exhaustion

If you’ve not identified the symptoms you experience during the four stages,  I’d suggest you do so. Talk to your doctor about them and check out sites like; etc.

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